Spring is in the Air

Hi it’s Charlie and the Gang Not a lot been happening in the loft. We’ve all had a nice long rest over the winter months. Our owners don’t like us to work during the winter due to the fading light … Read More

An Anniversary

We are delighted that we have now completed an anniversary year with our Beautiful White Doves for display and release. Winter beckons! . The doves have made us very proud with their impeccable behavior at both the wedding shows and … Read More

Autumn in the Loft

Hello it’s Charlie Summer is over now and it’s dropping cooler, got that little “nip” in the air, so I get cosy with Mrs Charlie at night! We have been so busy showing off at weddings, having a great time, … Read More

Work and Leisure

Charlie here, I’m really enjoying this weather, its great, the sky is so blue, I can fly around enjoying all the scenery, drop down for a quick drink at the loft, make sure the missus is ok, then fly off … Read More

Summer and everything is just fine

Hi it’s me! Charlie Everything is cushy in the loft, the weather is nice, spending the days lounging around and taking in the sun rays, having my daily bath, life is sweet!!! My lovey dovey mate and I have just … Read More

Wedding Season is Here!

The weather is getting warmer. It’s nice to enjoy the sunshine when I’m sunbathing on the drop board of the coop. These young ones can be a little boisterous, flying around a trying to land on the drop board; it’s … Read More

It’s as white as us out there..!

Burrrr…. While winter looks like it has returned again, we are all nice and cosy in our lovely warm loft. Mr Pheasant sneaked in to the garden for another cheeky visit and to see if there was any spare food … Read More

It’s all happening

Hey, it’s me Charlie, have I got lots to tell you!!!! Do you remember me telling you about that lovey, dovey female that I fancied a few perches down from me and I was really making a fuss of her? … Read More

A New Arrival

Some good news, we have had a baby in the loft and two very proud parents. Also, another pair of doves have two eggs, We will keep you posted.

Hi its me – Charlie

Hi It’s me – Charlie Sorry I’m late on the blog, but I’ve been a little busy checking out some of the new females that our owners have introduced to the loft, along with some blokes that look like bouncers. … Read More

Wedding Business

Hello from Charlie, I have been so busy looking Good! My mate (wife) and I were chosen by our owners to be on show at a wedding recently. We were very excited as the bride and groom had requested two … Read More

Feeding time in the loft

Hello, its Charlie from the loft at Doves 4 you; as you will see I have a nice new photo of me eating out of my owner’s hand, he always offers some special food in his hand to encourage my … Read More

Blog From The Loft

Welcome, I’m Charlie, one of the fan-tailed presentation white doves. I live in a purpose-built large loft with the rest of my friends, overlooking the countryside and our owner’s garden. We are all very well cared for with nice food … Read More