Hi its me – Charlie

Hi It’s me – Charlie

Sorry I’m late on the blog, but I’ve been a little busy checking out some of the new females that our owners have introduced to the loft, along with some blokes that look like bouncers. They have big muscles, enabling them to have the stamina to fly back to the loft from longer distances.

That doesn’t bother me. I am A Fantail Dove; I stand in the display cages, with my chest fluffed out, my fantail high, looking really cool. All the guests admire me and take photos. So you will easily understand why I am admired by most of the lady fantail doves!

There are other male fantails, but they have partners. They pair for life, so no one dare try anything with their partners, as the whole loft go’s into chaos!!! I can’t have my handsome looks injured so I behave myself.

I have my eye on one beauty that has moved into the perch 3, just down from my penthouse perch, but she is playing hard to get, I will keep using my charm on her!

These winter nights are really chilly, but our owners look after us by closing the doors, to keep us wind free and warm.

Talk soon…