Spring is in the Air

Hi it’s Charlie and the Gang

Not a lot been happening in the loft. We’ve all had a nice long rest over the winter months. Our owners don’t like us to work during the winter due to the fading light in the afternoons and the poor weather conditions. Our safety is always always very important to our owners. They take great care for us all the time. We are their “pets” and they love us!

We do have fun with our owners. We fly to their hands when they hold out food for us, and sometimes they end up looking like the Scarecrows standing in the garden as we all land on their out stretched arms, and sometimes on their heads. We’re not to fussed where we land to get some tasty tit bits!

Its also great fun to dive bomb them as they enter the loft, especially when they get the food container from the store cupboard. We all flutter around, land on their heads and try to get our beaks into the food box first. Havoc ensues!! Then our owners leave the loft, looking like they are sprouting wings due to all the little white feathers in their hair! Its great fun!!

We are all busy being trained, as we have been a little lazy, and not mentioning any names, some have put on a few ounces!! We will all soon lose our winter weight now the training season is here. We sound like professional footballers don’t we? But we do need to be fit and healthy to fly safely back from our booked venues, and of course, we all have to look our beautiful best.

That’s all for now

Cheeky Charlie.