Wedding Business

Hello from Charlie, I have been so busy looking Good!

My mate (wife) and I were chosen by our owners to be on show at a wedding recently. We were very excited as the bride and groom had requested two display cages, with one fan-tailed dove in each cage, to be placed either side the venue entrance.

The display cages were decorated to compliment the wedding theme colours, they looked very nice, and of course, it goes without saying, that I and my female companion looked marvelous! The guests loved us, taking lots of photos.

Two more of my mates went to the wedding; they were the doves release birds which fly from the heart shaped baskets, which are also decorated to match the colour of the wedding theme. These doves always fly back to the loft before us. We wait until the bride, groom and all the guests have entered the venue, before our owners take us home. We can then tuck into the food that’s waiting for us. We usually have a special treat for being the “chosen ones” for the day ! yummy………