Work and Leisure

Charlie here,
I’m really enjoying this weather, its great, the sky is so blue, I can fly around enjoying all the scenery, drop down for a quick drink at the loft, make sure the missus is ok, then fly off again with my mates for some more fun.
It’s great when the weather is good and clear, you can see for miles. You can spot the bird tables and feeders and un-knowing to our owners, drop down & take the tasty food on offer. It’s just like having a picnic.
We shouldn’t really, because we are very well fed at home, but on the bird tables they have things like cake and bread crumbs, which are different to our food, so it’s like having a cream cake to us!

My missus is looking after our young ones as I’m a Dad again. We take it in turn to look after them, the missus nips off for a fly round. (I don’t tell her that we have been on the bird tables or I will get told off for getting fat!)

We are busy working with Weddings, christenings and funerals etc. We all enjoy working, and it’s a day out.

Bye for now