Wedding Season is Here!

The weather is getting warmer. It’s nice to enjoy the sunshine when I’m sunbathing on the drop board of the coop. These young ones can be a little boisterous, flying around a trying to land on the drop board; it’s funny to watch as they learn their skills of flying and landing. Sometimes they miss-judge their landing, and drop on top of each other. It passes the day, being entertained.

The teenagers have been moved to a loft of their own. We still share the same aviary, but we have more room in ours. We have some more new babies. We are just one big happy family.

I have been working a lot with our owners, lots of weddings. I love being in my display cage showing off along with one of my buddies. It’s really nice having all the attention and photographs taken. They all seem to love us! The white release doves always tell us about their journey home from the venue, and if they stopped off anywhere for some tasty food that looked good on a bird table in someone’s garden.
Lucky cheeky caps!

Charlie x