Summer and everything is just fine

Hi it’s me! Charlie
Everything is cushy in the loft, the weather is nice, spending the days lounging around and taking in the sun rays, having my daily bath, life is sweet!!!

My lovey dovey mate and I have just had two more young ones, so that’s keeping us busy. In fact, it must be the time of year, as we have lots of our buddies with young ones, our other babies are all grown up now living in the nursery loft, we see them all the time as we share the same aviary. I have to keep my eye on them, so they don’t miss-behave.

We have been busy attending weddings which we all really enjoy, everyone is so happy. Some sad times too, when my Release Dove buddies are asked to attend funerals, but the release Doves are a symbol of peace and everlasting love. They are always honoured to have been asked to attend.

Our owners are caring for us very well, we are their pets. We are released from our loft every day to soar in the beautiful clear blue skies, looking down on the countryside as we fly. We drop down on bird tables for a quick bite if we see any food that we fancy. Our owners never know, so its fun!!