It’s all happening

Hey, it’s me Charlie, have I got lots to tell you!!!!

Do you remember me telling you about that lovey, dovey female that I fancied a few perches down from me and I was really making a fuss of her? Well guess what it worked! We are a couple, and when we “stud” males find the right one, we pair for life. I’m now totally “in love” and what’s more we have two eggs that are waiting to hatch. I’m a Dad to be, how cool is that?

The loft is getting like a nursery these days; we have quite a few babies. This is really nice, but it might start to get a little crowded! So,our owners have purchased another loft to attach to the other side of the aviary, so we have lots of space, Hey, pretty cool owners!

I also had a day out with some of my buddies on Sunday. We were the display team, all fan tailed pure white doves. We all took it in turns to sit in the two display cages, as we would at a special event. This time we were at a Wedding Fair at Sandon Hall, near Stone. It was a lovely setting, and we must have looked at our very best, because we have been booked for several weddings by some lovely people who thought we were great.

I might get chosen to be in the team next Sunday, March 17th as our owners have another Wedding Fair at Branston Golf Spa. I like going to the fairs, people take our photograph because we look so good.

Well folks that’s about all I have to tell you from the loft, so bye for now.

Charlie xx