Autumn in the Loft

Hello it’s Charlie
Summer is over now and it’s dropping cooler, got that little “nip” in the air, so I get cosy with Mrs Charlie at night! We have been so busy showing off at weddings, having a great time, looking really handsome! Well I did, my mates looked just “good.” As fantails we do all the display work, we have really nice large, ornate cages to sit in, whilst the wedding is taking place, we are only in them for a short while.

This symbolises the joining of two people together, “two hearts join together for their wedding vows, doves mate for life, “together for ever” this is very poignant and very romantic for the Bride & Groom.

Our owner have been very busy training our young off springs (as shown in the photo above). They are doing very well, learning to fly as a team. Their strength is building quickly and they are learning to navigate well. These doves are being trained as the release doves, our owner spend a lot of time and care to maintain their safety.

The release Doves are very special too, they symbolise Love, Peace and New beginnings, as they are released by the Bride & Groom. After the ceremony, as they fly away together, it’s the start of new beginning as Man & Wife. This is very beautiful and lasts in your memories forever.


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