Policy for dove release


Upon confirmation of availability, a non refundable deposit £50.00 will hold your event date. Full payment must be made 6 weeks prior to your event date.

If we have not received full payment by this date, your booking will be cancelled. You can make payment by cash, postal order or personal cheque (payable to:- S Hall)

We will always send a reminder prior to any cancellation.


There will be no refund of any monies at any time should you decide to cancel your booking.

Inclement Weather

A complete refund will be made to you should we decide in advance that the weather conditions prohibits the safe release of the doves.
A 90% refund will be made to you should we be traveling to or be on the location when the weather condition become inclement.
Our doves cannot be released in inclement weather e.g. heavy rain, snow, fog, high winds as they are unable to navigate home safely
This refund does not apply to the package for the display of fantail doves in cages, which can proceed in poor weather conditions

Event Days

Dove release will be cancelled, without refund, if there is an event delay and the doves do not have sufficient time to arrive back to their loft before dusk.


Please include as much information as possible regarding the release location e.g. Post code, possibly a map location and most importantly an emergency contact number of someone at the release venue on the day.

Please do not hesitate to call us should you have any queries about your booking.